Resources & Info

FFS Choose

“For Future’s Sake Choose” Māori roll campaign video from Stan Walker.

Māori Roll or General Roll?

“Shifting Sands” Māori roll campaign video by Saatchi & Saatchi.

Kaupapa on the Couch

Leonie Hayden presents ‘The Māori Seats: what are they and who cares about them?’.

Register for the Māori electoral roll

New Zealand Government webpage providing an overview of who is eligible for the Māori roll, how to choose rolls, and how voting on the roll works.

General roll
or Māori roll?

Electoral Commission webpage explaining what the Māori roll is, and what exactly being on the Māori roll means for voters.

What is the Māori Electoral Option?

Electoral Commission webpage which provides a general overview of the Māori electoral roll and how to swap between rolls.

History of Māori
and the Vote

New Zealand History webpage detailing the history of Māori in the New Zealand electoral system and the Māori seats.

Māori Electorates & the Māori Roll

An hour-long webinar released by the New Zealand Parliament explaining the history of the Māori roll, how it works, and how to use it.

Ngā māngai – Māori representation

Te Ara webpage talking about Māori representation in Parliament, the effect of the Māori seats, and some additional history.

What difference will it make?

Citizens Advice Bureau webpage about what difference voting on the Māori roll might make for voters, along with instructions on how to enrol.

In the Media

RNZ: Make switch to Māori roll easier, say Taranaki politicians

News piece discussing why Taranaki Māori politicians want to make it easier for Māori voters to join the Māori electoral roll.

1 News: Explained - What going on the Māori roll means for you

Media story by One News discussing what being enrolled on the Māori roll means for voters, why the Māori seats exist, and some general information.

Māori TV: Māori Electoral Option time, whānau! It's up to you!

Māori Television news piece on Facebook explaining why, how, and when people can sign up for the Māori electoral option.

RNZ: Call to change how Māori can be enrolled to vote

There have been calls to change the timing of the Māori electoral option, and the Ministry of Justice wants to hear what people think.